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MLS# C8055627*Showings by appointment only, do not disturb staff*. Incredible opportunity to acquire an insurance business located in Abbotsford. Services includes private auto insurance, residential insurance, and travel insurance. The value of a license is approximately $1 million! Banks recognize this value and are willing to offer mortgage loans against it, with BMO Bank able to provide loans ranging from $700,000 to $800,000. There are approximately 900 insurance licenses in the entire province of BC, and w/ no further licenses being issued, the value of an existing license is highly significant. 50% profit. Either shares sale or assets sale available. Low rent, only $3,937/mth. Currently, there are 4 full-time, 1 part-time employees. Daily foot traffic averages around 30-40 customers. Highly stable and profitable venture. Turn-key business. Don't miss out!Confidential listing, please contact for more information today!  *仅限预约看店,请勿打扰员工。*Abbotsford保险公司生意出售。该公司提供私人汽车保险、住宅保险和旅行保险等服务。仅保险许可证的价值就为$100万!银行认可这一价值,并愿意提供抵押贷款,BMO银行可以提供$70万到$80万的贷款额度。目前整个BC省大约有900个保险许可证,由于不再发放新的许可证,现有许可证的价值非常高。利润率为50%。可选择股权出售或资产出售。租金低廉,每月仅为$3,937。目前有4名全职员工和1名兼职员工。每天约有30-40位顾客光顾。非常稳定和盈利丰厚的投资项目。交钥匙生意,接手即可赚钱,不要错过!暗盘,请立即联系代理经纪Max Chiu以获取更多信息!