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Craft Distilary For Sale with property 4000 sq.ft.  And 8.5 Acres of Land.Architect: Lorne Rose Architects, one of Toronto's top residential architects. Seen in The Globe and Mail,Arabella, Architecture & Design, Style at Home, Toronto Life.Our building is one of the architectural attractions in the County, called “the stunning exterior  by the official County Tourism website and admired by the visitors.Total building area 3961 sq. ft. including 361 sq.ft. Mezzanine office area with a separate 3-piecewashroom. Newly build, competed in 2021. Handicap accessible and compliant.HVAC: separate zone restaurant/office and production area with two furnaces, two AC, two air purifyingHRV units.Septic: commercial size with 18,000 liter septic tank.Commercial size paved side road entrance and large parking lot for 27+ cars with a possible extension.Heating: propane. Possible future development: natural gas extension from HW 62 main.Water source: 100 ft. deep drilled artesian well producing limestone filtered water with mineralizationperfectly suited for great high yield spirit production. The water profile could be close or similar toKentucky limestone filtered water which made Kentucky bourbon famous. Trickle system with a 1,250gallon holding tank.Water treatment: includes water filters, softener, UV treatment and RO filtration.Kitchen: very functional fully equipped with commercial grade restaurant equipment - six burner rangewith an oven, dishwasher, two door refrigerator, stand-up freezer, stainless-steel tables and sinks.Bar & restaurant: 50 people capacity fully equipped for efficient operations with a commercial icemaker, bar sinks, granite bar top, etc.Current bar and outdoor patio sitting capacity 120+ chairs, which can be extended literally indefinitely(to permitted 550 people). Large landscaped grass area allows for an assembly of a temporary party tentand holding large private and public events.LicencesThe distillery holds all licences and permits to produce liquors from any raw materials and distributethem: Federal Spirit, Warehouse and User licences Provincial Manufacturer’s Licence, Liquor Sales Licence - Manufacturer's Tied House, DistilleryRetail Store Endorsement, and Small Distillery Direct Delivery AuthorizationEquipmentThe distillery features the equipment sources from the world leading manufacturers which makes itcapable manufacturing superior quality liquors. The equipment is very versatile with literally nolimitations with respect to the type of spirit produced.Major equipment:1. 2000 liter hybrid (pot & column) still manufactured by Tuscany based Frilli Impianti S.R.L.,one of the handful of the top manufacturers of distilling equipment in the world. The stillwas custom engineered and hand crafted in Italy. It is made of 5-6 mm copper and containsa botanical basket for gin production and 20 bubble plate column capable of distilling up to95% distillate. This onion shape classic configuration still was perfectly made for whisky andother dark spirits manufacturing. Equipped with a reflux pump it is very flexible and allowsunlimited rectification runs producing extremely clean alcohol.2. 100-liter fully automated Genio still, designed and made in Poland. This still is computercontrolled and capable producing 95% alcohol. It is a great capacity booster perfect forfinishing spirit runs and tail rectification.3. 1.26 MBTU Columbia low pressure steam boiler, made in the USA4. 2000 liter mash tun, made by Criveller, Niagara Falls, ON5. Two 2500 liter stainless steel fermenters, made by Ghidi, Italy6. Custom engineered closed loop cooling system with 10 ton glycol chiller and two 12,000liter water towers.7. Electrical forklift8. 2” mash pump, made in the USA9. Filtering and bottle filling equipment10. Palette truck11. CRA certified scale, hydrometers and other measuring equipmentProduction capacity:With some relatively minor additional capital investments the distillery can produce estimated 100,000bottles of 100% mashed and fermented alcohol per year assuming one shift operations, which can bemuch higher for a double shift schedule or if NGS is used in production process.