When you have the opportunity to attend a franchise show or a franchise expo, you would want to make the best effort while you’re there. What that means is you want to maximize your chance of getting all the information you need to start a franchise business. Here are some tips on what to do at a franchise show so you can make your time and money worthwhile.

4 Tips on What to Do at a Franchise Show or Franchise Expo

Tip 1: Prepare a List of Questions to Ask Exhibitors

An eager franchisee that is hungry for answers would come up with a list of questions to ask before going and prior to making the decision to invest in a franchise. Why? Because you want your questions answered that will help you decide whether this franchise brand is a viable choice for your business venture.

We suggest to ask the following questions during the show because it’s the best time to interact with the franchisor face-to-face:

  • What are the franchise fees (this includes the franchise fees, royalty fees, and startup costs)?
  • How many hours a week should a new franchisee work?
  • What kind of training and ongoing support does the franchisor provide?
  • Based on experience, what are the strategies that make the current franchisee successful in the franchise industry?
  • What is the competition like with other similar franchise brands?
  • Do the franchisor offer territory protection, if so, where are these locations?
  • Most expos or shows offer free seminars, so best to take advantage of these information sessions to expand your business knowledge and on business tips on operating your franchise business.
attending a franchise show
Attend a Franchise Show/Franchise Expo

Tip 2: Have a Purpose when you Walk around the Show

Don’t walk around aimlessly during the show…make sure you have a purpose when you visit each booth. Find out who will exhibit beforehand and if there are any franchise opportunities you want to invest more time in. Making the most of your time is the best takeaway here because you’re paying the money so make sure it’s well spent.

Tip 3: Find out who You’re Competing with

There’s going to be lots of prospective franchise owners coming to these events so expect a lot of franchisors trying to attract new business owners. Granted, many people will want to be a part of a successful and remarkable brand, so needless to say, you’ll be surrounded by people who will potentially become your future competitors.

Tip 4: Make Sure you are Talking to a Real Franchise

Unbeknownst to many attendees, some exhibitors at the show may not actually be franchisors or have franchise ownership. Many vendors are either offering business opportunities or business models. Do not be distracted by these vendors who have their own business agendas.

Franchise Show Free Tickets
Franchise Show Free Tickets

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