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How Much is Your Business Worth?

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Proprietary Valuation Process

Selling a business can be one of the most important financial decisions you ever make. The process of selling your business all starts with a proper business valuation to determine the fair market value of your business. If your business is improperly valued you can lose out on hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Sophisticated buyers know how to value a business and want to see what data and valuation standards were used in determining the fair market value. Every industry requires a unique valuation approach at BizSold we have the experience and data to provide detailed valuation reports that buyers trust.

We’ve gained the trust of private equity groups, high net worth investors, and banks by following rigorous valuation standards.

All our valuations are conducted in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) 9 and 10, International Valuation Standards and AICPA SSVS No.1.

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