Adam Henderson, Founder and Marketing Strategist. Mr. Henderson’s duties have also included serving as General Manager of the largest digital marketing firm in its industry. This experience motivated him to found his own company which is the parent company for a number of web properties.

The experience gained as a small business-owner spawned the development of BizSold, LLC, which was created as a tool to help sellers of online businesses looking for an exit strategy, but who also needed the guidance of a brokerage that understand an Internet Business’s daily operations. The experience of owning and operating Internet Businesses including those attaining Inc. 500 status, is what distinguishes from other brokerages. They provide a level of service that is unparalleled by other business brokers that try to sell online businesses like Brick & Mortar businesses … since the two are vastly different, Mr. Henderson helped create Website Closers to fill the void created by online businesses that wasn’t being filled by traditional business brokers.

Meet Mattson Fernando, Co-Founder and Experienced Broker.


Mr. Fernando has been in the business of buying and selling online companies for over 20 years. For several years, he was affiliated with the largest business brokerage in the world. Out of several hundred Brokers in the country, he was consistently in the top 10 and even ranked as high as number 4. He has won several awards and rightfully earned the reputation as one of the Top Brokers in the country.


BizSold, LLC owns and operates We are proud to retain a highly experienced team of brokerage professionals who are fully dedicated to serving the interests of online and internet asset entrepreneurs. As a full service brokerage service, we pride ourselves in striving beyond simply connecting an interested buyer with a seller. The first step is an in-depth consultation with the business owner. After listening closely to the owner’s needs, we customize a sales strategy with those needs in mind. We know how hard owners work to build their companies, and it’s their sales demands and requirements that matter the most. First, we provide them with a detailed analysis of the M&A marketplace status, and a valuation of their business based solely on that status. If the current valuation isn’t where the business owner would like it to be, we coach our clients on the various methods they can use to help grow their business. Or, if they are ready to sell, we provide them with a detailed, customized package, specifically tailored to the client’s specific business.

Our dedication to the sale of website properties, and representing sellers of those properties, puts us in an ideal position to provide professional services to owners of online assets to get their businesses sold to the right parties, for the purchase price they desire. We refer a large number of deals to lenders all over the country, and it’s these resulting relationships that have pushed us up the brokerage food chain when banks are considering the financing of an online business BizSold puts in front of them. Also, if the sale happens to qualify for SBA financing, our 20+ years of experience can guide buyers and sellers through the quandary of government-backed lending. Our experience alone can successfully push a transaction through SBA financing, where quite often, many other business brokers fail.


We offer a FREE Seller Consultation, so it costs you nothing upfront to learn what we can do for you. We encourage you to give us a call, talk to our team, and we will prove that we have the experience,
skills and drive to sell your business using our professional sales strategies.